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Upgrades, Planning, Sowing

Posted in Uncategorized by greendan on March 6, 2011

I finally got around to a bit more gardening.

First I had to sort out the centre bed. The lack of surround had been bugging me ever since I put it in. Luckily my Dad has a small, but useful, obsession with taking pallets apart and reusing them, so I swapped some complete pallets that were being chucked out at work, with some already taken apart pallets.

This wood was simple to convert into a nice surround for the bed:

Which makes it much nicer looking.

I’ll probably put some along the front of the Edge patches in the next week or so.

After boxing in the patch I dug some compost into it. (If you are really observant, you may have noticed some purple bags of compost at the back of the garden near the shed. This is not the compost I used. I have a compost Bin and Heap behind the shed – but I’m planning on upgrading these to, so I’ll properly introduce them to you in a later post. Please try and contain your excitement.)

I put the carpet back over the patch when I was done. And then we got on to the really exciting bit:

Planning where I was going to plant things, I have quite dodgely photoshopped this image together to give you an idea:

The Potato’s at the back will be grown in the PotatoTron 4000 (TM). Which looks like this:

This is also made from Pallets (Thanks Dad!)

I then sowed some things for growing on the window sill. Onions, Leeks, Runner Beans and Peas are now on their way:

These are the leeks and onions, the peas and beans are on another window sill.

The other things I will start on in a few weeks once the weather warms up.


The beginning (Three years later…)

Posted in Uncategorized by greendan on February 9, 2011

Three years ago I broke the turf in our back garden and dug in some vegetable patches. At the time I though “I should start a blog about this”. The year came and went, plants grew, plants died, plants were eaten. The spring came around and as I dug over my existing patches and broke yet more turf for more patches I thought “This year, I’m really going to start that blog”. Summer wore on, time compressed, time ran out. Autumn came, Winter came, plants were eaten, some just died again. Then we hit a warm patch in February and I found some time. I thought “I’m going to dig over the vegetable patches, and this time I will absolutely start that blog.

So here we are, Welcome to a blog about Vegetable Gardening. I am still very much a beginner when it comes to gardening, even three years in there is still plenty to learn. The last two years have been guided by information gleaned from The Royal Horticultural Society’s book “Vegetable and Fruit Gardening”, the Internet, and my Mother, who has grown food for as long as I can remember. Please bear this in mind as you read this blog, and if you have any tips, pointers, questions or comments I am very much interested in hearing them.

Onto this year. As I briefly mentioned earlier, time caught up with me toward the end of last year and I let my garden get away from me, so yesterday morning (8th February) I went into the garden and was confronted but this:


Some tidying needed...

It’s hard to make out, but there are two rows of veg patches, some near the fence on the left hand side, and one long one right down the middle. After a couple of hours weeding and digging, I managed to clear it up to look like this:

A bit of tidying later...

Much better. Well, maybe not much, but some. You may have noticed some carpet laying along the patches nearest the fence, I have put that there to stop the weeds coming back. There is also carpet lying along the centre patch. I would put up that photo, but it just looks like I’m trying to carpet my whole garden, and that’s a bit strange.

With the weeding done (and the discovery of 3 onions and 4 carrots!) over the next few weeks I plan to:

Dig in some compost.
Erect boards around the centre patch, and if I can scavenge enough wood, across the front of the original patches.
Decide on what’s getting planted where.

So keep checking back for more exciting developments!